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An RPG with a (kinda) cool story, and some fun mechanics.
A teen travels through a world of Augmenters.
Screenshots taken in Windows version.
Development time: 2 months.

Me - Coding, Mapping, Character Design

RPG Maker - Assets

Plugins Created by: Yanfly, Some random Dude,Terrax (if i didnt mention you here and your plugin was used reach out to me in discussion)


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

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Bloodforce.zip 521 MB
Bloodforce Mac.zip 656 MB
Bloodforce Linux.zip 564 MB

Also available on

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Bloodforce Demo.zip 457 MB
Bloodforce Mac Demo.zip 591 MB
Bloodforce Linux Demo.zip 499 MB

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Here be the playlist =D



First part of my videos on this are up, liking it so far =) and definitely cannot wait to see what else is in this game! Once I make part 2 ima edit this post and put my playlist of the game in its place, keep it up!


first lmao